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Capitol Park IV Condominium

CPIV Rule for Annual Fireplace and Chimney Inspections

The Capitol Park IV Board of Directors hereby require owners having a fireplace and chimney to use a certified Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) chimney inspector; and that a Level II[1] camera inspection be performed by September 1st annually:


  • The Level II inspection must show that both the chimney and the fireplace are in good condition, and that nothing further needs to be done for the safe use of the chimney and fireplace. 


  • If the Level II inspection reveals that the chimney needs to be cleaned or that repairs need to be made, the owner must have the chimney cleaned and/or repaired within two weeks (2) of the initial report, and thereafter provide the Site Manager with a copy of the final inspection report showing that the cleaning and/or repairs have been completed and is safe for use. 


  • If an owner is unable to comply with this inspection requirement by the annual deadline, a written explanation for the failure to comply shall be submitted to Management within thirty (30) days.  This will permit the owner and Association to agree to another arrangement.


  • If an owner fails: (1) to respond to this inspection requirement, or (2) to provide a written explanation for their failure to comply, or (3) to make the necessary repair(s), the Board of Directors will hold a hearing and issue a decision on the matter to the owner.


  • If an owner decides they no longer want to keep the fireplace and chimney, they must have them permanently sealed-off and closed, and confirm in writing to the Site Manager for submission to the Board and Management.


  • The Association will provide external roof replacement/repair at no cost to the owner. 


Below is a list of CSIA-certified companies that CPIV unit owners have previously used[2]:  


  • American Professional Chimney, Masonry and Home Repair        301.699.6050 

  • Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps                                                301.530.4262

  • A Step in Time                                                                      202.787.1867


This rule is effective immediately October 19, 2021 and retroactively to July 2016.


[1] A Level 2 inspection shall also include a visual inspection by video scanning or other means in order to examine the internal surfaces and joints of all flue liners incorporated within the chimney. No removal or destruction of permanently attached portions of the chimney or building structure or finish shall be required by a Level 2 inspection.


[2] The Association does not endorse specific vendors. Owners may choose any CSIA certified, licensed and insured chimney cleaning company.



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