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Owner/Resident Information

The following information is provided for CPIV unit owners and residents. 


Welcome Letter to New Residents

CFM Payment Options

Color Palette for Brick Facades and Entry Doors

Capitol Park IV Condominium


Several rules have been added or updated to CPIV’s Information “Rule” Book since its last revision in December 1987, so we’ve posted most of them here along with other important items. All of the posted rules are part of the Capitol Park IV Rules & Regulations. If necessary, a complete set of the Rules can be obtained from the on-site manager.  

Annual Fireplace and Chimney Inspections


Bicycle Storage

Dog Policy


Door Maintenance Rules


Dryer Exhaust Ducts and External Dryer Vent Lint Traps


Holiday Decorations


 - Lease Addendum

 - Short Term Lease Rule


Outdoor Fuel-Burning Devices





Roof Repair Leak Policy

Satellite Dish, Television Antenna, and Cable Wire Installation


Security Cameras

Doorbell Camera & Rear Patio Spotlight Camera Rules

Security Camera Surveillance

Single Purpose Camera Policy Justification


Trash Pick-Up


Wildlife Feeding


Window & Glass Door Replacement 

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