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Capitol Park IV Condominium

CPIV Rule  - Wildlife Feeding


Effective March 1, 2008.


Providing a regular source of food (i.e. bird seed, nuts, bread, etc.) for any area wildlife (i.e. squirrels, birds, etc.) is prohibited in Capitol Park IV Condominium.  Given the close proximity of homes within our CPIV community, providing food for wildlife causes undesirable commotion and noise, increased unsanitary waste, destruction to owners landscape, and attracts unwanted pests (i.e. rats, raccoons, ants, opossums, etc.).


In addition, with the ongoing construction in our area for approximately the next 15 years, displaced pests will be looking for sources of shelter and food.  We do not want to attract any additional pests in our community.


Any resident determined to be providing a regular food source will be subject to an automatic per incident fine of $25 to their account.



Passed by the CPIV Board of Directors on January 22, 2008.

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